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People with disabilities deserve to live independently

Making our own decisions, navigating life at our own will, and pursuing passions and purpose as we desire. To put it simply, people with disabilities deserve equal access to possibility.  

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We don’t just serve people with disabilities;

We ARE people with disabilities.

We believe that no decisions should be made “about us without us.”


We provide employment services, resources for independent living, vision services, as well as advocacy and education—all free of charge for our consumers.  

At Beyond Barriers, we feel strongly that individuals are healthiest and happiest when they’re connected and contributing to their community. We strive to: 

  • Help facilitate safe and independent housing situations for people with disabilities and aging populations 

  • Increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities 

  • Increase awareness about disabilities among employers and in the community at large 

  • Position Beyond Barriers as a local resource for information about disability and aging. 

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Independent Living is a psychological idea much more than a physical concept. I'm paralyzed from the neck down, but I am completely in control of my own life. I make decisions about what I want. And when you begin to believe that, it's very empowering and powerful. And then it becomes… It's almost, ah… Well, it catches on with other people. They say, "Well, if he can do that, why can't I?"

Activist, Founder of Independent Living Movement

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What makes Beyond Barriers different?

We serve people with ALL types of disabilities, free of charge, regardless of their disability “status.” Our approach is “zero entry,” meaning one less barrier between you and the independence you deserve.  


We’re proud to be active members of The National Council on Independent Living – ”the longest-running national cross-disability, grassroots organization run by and for people with disabilities. The NCIL represents thousands of organizations and individuals including that advocate for the human and civil rights of people with disabilities throughout the United States.” 

Community involvement is an important part of our outreach and advocacy efforts, and we’re proud to be active members of these local, county and state boards. 

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